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Masaj la domiciliu (Reasezarea Coloanei Vertebrale si a Soldurilor)

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Natural Holistic Therapy - Restore Spinal Column & Hips

Spinal and Hips Deformities - Huge an seen problem

Natural Therapy for Revitalization

Basic Techniques for Structural Equilibrium and Vitality

This is a unique set of integrated and (literally) handy health promoting tools - osteopathy, massage and reflexology - with the main focus on the alterations of skeletal structure as the main cause for the body's dysfunction. The human bones may be more or less displaced, usually due to postural, traumatic or hereditary causes - only 0.1% of people have the bones in proper position!
Even slight dislocations of the hips and spine can generate unwanted tensions affecting muscles, the conjunctive tissue and nerve endings, thus impeding the blood circulation and nervous impulses. As a result, our vitality can be sensibly diminished and major health disorders may later appear. After your bones are properly aligned by using our gentle pressing maneuvers, the body regains its natural equilibrium and health.

Therapeutic Effects:

~ restores the structural balance of the entire body
~ acts upon a root cause of diseases to eliminate them
~ increases the power of self-healing (vital force)
~ improves physical and mental health
~ strengthens and optimizes the functioning of all organs
~ activates the natural immunity
~ attenuates pain
~ eases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
~ regulates the metabolism
~ stimulates the removal of toxins
~ improves the flexibility of joints and the tonicity of the muscles
~ balances and beautifies your constitution
~ regulates the sexual function
~ relaxes, reduces tension and removes fatigue
~ alleviates the effects of stress
~ extends life
~ prevents diseases by increasing body resistance


osteo-articular, kinestetic, cardio-vascular, respiratory, digestive, intestinal, hepato-biliary, dermatological, renal, urinary and genital impairments; mental, neuro-vegetative, neuro-muscular and hormonal disorders; pain (rheumatic, neuralgia, migraines, etc.)

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