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Patine Hockey

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The Supreme skate series was designed for the power skater who looks to maximize the energy from every stride. The technology that Bauer put into the TotalOne NXG makes it lighter yet more capable of converting energy into power than its predecessors. They thought of everything from maximizing stride length with a flexible tendon guard to the springboard-like 3Flex tongue to the weight reduction benefit of the LS Fusion Aluminum/Stainless Steel Runner.

The NXG has a generous anatomical fit profile, coupled with technology that reduces negative space to give you the ultimate in fit and feel. Bauer uses its Curv® composite in the quarter, purposely built with a measured balance of lateral support and forward flex. It's incredibly lightweight and responsive. The heel and ankle padding on the inside are nicely contoured to the natural shape of your foot, as is the nicely sculpted shape of the composite shell. This design, plus the fact that these are heat moldable is going to get you an amazing 360° fit with minimal negative space and minimal break in time.

You get protection, function and comfort from the customizable 3Flex tongue used on the NXG. Choose from 3 degrees of stiffness of Curv® composite inserts to customize how responsive you want the tongue to be. The inserts also provide additional protection to the front of the foot.

The NXG has the ventilated full lightweight composite outsole which further reduces the weight of the skate and provides excellent rigidity under the boot thus reducing torque while you skate. If you're looking for the latest in skate advancements and technology, look no further than the Supreme TotalOne NXG from Bauer.
Patine Hockey noi, masura 43, pret 400 euro.
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